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Are you unhappy with your smile?

Do you have gaps between your teeth?

Do you feel that your smile is just not right/ are you afraid to smile openly due to old fillings showing ?

Do you have a dead (root filled) tooth that looks darker than your adjacent teeth ?

Are you in a peoples’ business and have to face new people/ clients regularly and feel that your smile can sometimes make you lose your confidence?

If you suffer with either of the aforementioned, then smile designing is the right solution for you. The process involves carefully assessing your current front teeth alignment and suggesting and implementing minimally invasive treatment pathways to give you that attractive, clean and catchy smile. This could be accomplished using either porcelain veneers which are very thin laminates of porcelain that are carefully bonded to your teeth to mask any surface imperfections/ colour or to change the dimensions of your front teeth to make them look more natural and healthy/ attractive. Sometimes this could be achieved in a very non invasive manner just by the clever use of recontouring your teeth. In addition sometimes they could just be made to look better by professional teeth whitening. Or you might need a combination of the different techniques.

Here at Denora, all our clinicians have extensive training to undertake this kind of work regularly. In addition we work very closely with the best laboratories in the UK and USA to give you exactly what you want. We can provide you with that smile that will make you look more attractive and boost you confidence immaculately. Amongst the other clever technologies, we use the following world reputed ceramics :




Reasons for treatment

Very less tooth reduction required

If good oral hygiene is maintained then veneers will last a very long period of time

Instantaneous achievement of cosmetic results

The colour of the veneers will remain the same throughout the life of the veneer (instant whitening that lasts)

Here to Help

Do you need any help in understanding what we could do to help you achieve a super smile? Need more information on anything specific related to implants , whitening, veneers, crowns, etc? Please do get in touch and drop us a line at and our friendly team is standing by to assist you. Please do mention your email/contact number & the location closest to you to be seen so that the right clinic can respond to you and we shall respond immediately.

Over the last three years, I have been with Denora in Worcester under the supervision of Dr Amit Pandey, & it has completely changed my view of Dentists. As a result of the work I have had done under the supervision of Dr Pandey, the health of my teeth & gums has improved dramatically and also the appearance of my teeth (and smile) has been transformed.

Everyone needs a dentist as a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you visit Denora you become a family member not just a patient. The care & consideration given to me through intensive treatment has been fantastic! It is no longer daunting attending the surgery.

My dentist referred me to Dr Amit Pandey at Denora for dental work that required specialist expertise. Amit talked me through an agreed and costed programme, gave me ongoing support and shown real kindness throughout its delivery. I have received such a professional and friendly service by all the staff at Denora that I am now registered with the practice – and, of course, I smile more confidently!!!