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This is an absolute revolutionary way of restoring teeth. These are also called as CAD CAM (Computer Assisted Design & Computer Assisted Manufacturing) Fillings. We use a state of the art Hi-tech computer system to design your fillings, crowns, inlays & veneers, etc. on a computer and you can have them fitted within as low as 40-45 minutes!

CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) is a dental restoration product that allows a practitioner to produce an indirect ceramic dental restoration using a variety of computer assisted technologies including 3D photography and CAD/CAM. The restoration can be performed in a single sitting with the patient. The cavity preparation is first photographed and stored as a three dimensional digital model and software is then used to extrapolate the approximate restoration shape. The practitioner then refines that model using 3D CAD GUI software. When the model is complete a milling machine carves the actual restoration out of a ceramic block using diamond head cutters under computer control. When complete, the restoration is bonded to the tooth using a special hi tech dentine bonding system.

The ceramic material has some properties that make it very suitable for use in dental restorations. It expands and contracts in response to temperature changes at a rate approximately half-way between those of enamel and dentin. It also wears away at approximately the same rate as enamel.

The system was developed by the Sirona dental technology company (www.sirona.com).

There is generally no need for temporaries as the restoration is fabricated in the same appointment and there is no need for messy impressions (moulds) as digital impressions are made of your teeth using a special Infra Red Scanner. Your restoration is then designed and milled out of a Ceramic Block which is just like having your natural tooth back as its crystalline structure is extremely strong and mimics that of your natural tooth.

Once your restoration is milled digitally using advanced robotics milling unit, its then glazed in our onsite VITA digital furnace and then bonded with ceramic resins on to your teeth. These restorations are extremely reliable and have excellent longevity as it’s literally like getting your teeth back.

We take pride in the work that we perform and will happily guarantee your CEREC restoration for upto 3 years free from any kind of manufacturing defect!

These restorations are also backed by a very sound clinical result (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) in studies. More than anything they look just like your natural teeth, for further patient information please see www.cereconline.com

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Do you need any help in understanding what we could do to help you achieve a super smile? Need more information on anything specific related to implants , whitening, veneers, crowns, etc? Please do get in touch and drop us a line at info@denora.co.uk and our friendly team is standing by to assist you. Please do mention your email/contact number & the location closest to you to be seen so that the right clinic can respond to you and we shall respond immediately.

Over the last three years, I have been with Denora in Worcester under the supervision of Dr Amit Pandey, & it has completely changed my view of Dentists. As a result of the work I have had done under the supervision of Dr Pandey, the health of my teeth & gums has improved dramatically and also the appearance of my teeth (and smile) has been transformed.

Everyone needs a dentist as a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you visit Denora you become a family member not just a patient. The care & consideration given to me through intensive treatment has been fantastic! It is no longer daunting attending the surgery.

My dentist referred me to Dr Amit Pandey at Denora for dental work that required specialist expertise. Amit talked me through an agreed and costed programme, gave me ongoing support and shown real kindness throughout its delivery. I have received such a professional and friendly service by all the staff at Denora that I am now registered with the practice – and, of course, I smile more confidently!!!