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White composite dental tooth fillings gained popularity in the in the 1990’s, they have constantly evolved from just being white cement based filling to advanced nano filled polymer composites now. These fillings are very popular, and a highly efficient & more cosmetically pleasing method of filling cavities as opposed to silver amalgams.
White Composite Fillings Advantages

They are white! This might sound very basic but there is no way anyone will notice them once within your mouth, making them suitable for any tooth.

Only a small amount of your healthy tooth is removed before a composite filling is applied. This means less chance of any fracturing or chipping of the teeth, and ensures that the structure of the tooth is a lot more naturally strong.

You can use your fillings immediately after they have been placed in your tooth. Composite fillings are usually light cured – using a bright light to harden the mixture so it sets within your tooth.

They can be bonded, or joined, to your tooth very effectively and once they are the teeth is often stronger than it was before.

Reasons for treatment

Less drilling required as white fills are bonded to tooth surface and not retained mechanically like silver fillings.

Very aesthetic, colour can be matched as close to the remaining tooth as possible, making them almost invisible.

Very safe with no mercury or any heavy metals

Tasteless , unlike the metallic taste from some silver fills.

Relatively inexpensive

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Over the last three years, I have been with Denora in Worcester under the supervision of Dr Amit Pandey, & it has completely changed my view of Dentists. As a result of the work I have had done under the supervision of Dr Pandey, the health of my teeth & gums has improved dramatically and also the appearance of my teeth (and smile) has been transformed.

Everyone needs a dentist as a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you visit Denora you become a family member not just a patient. The care & consideration given to me through intensive treatment has been fantastic! It is no longer daunting attending the surgery.

My dentist referred me to Dr Amit Pandey at Denora for dental work that required specialist expertise. Amit talked me through an agreed and costed programme, gave me ongoing support and shown real kindness throughout its delivery. I have received such a professional and friendly service by all the staff at Denora that I am now registered with the practice – and, of course, I smile more confidently!!!