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With the advanced technology technology we use, teeth whitening is extremely predictable and safe. We can whiten almost any dark shades (some of the abnormal stains like tetracycline stains & or other chemical stains will require a modified approach for predictable whitening to happen but can be dealt with).  By getting your teeth whitened with us , you can be reassuredf that it fully meets the EU Cosmetics Directive & is performed by a well trained clinican. Majority of dental clinics generally use only one specific system, our clinicians have been trained to use a variety of the top professional teeth whitening systems on the market like
Zoom® ,
Optident® ,
Smile Studio®,

Please use these links to browse through some of the different systems that we use:

We can offer any of these systems at our clinic. This enables us to clinically choose the best possible system based on individual cases. We are able to offer :

Home Whitening (preferred system Enlighten) – This involves making you custom fabricated trays that are manufactured at Enlighte’s own specialist labs in London. These trays are patended & extremely thin and are literally like skin on your teeth and are non-interfering and comfortable to wear. They are very snug fitting so you are extremely comfortable wearing them. These are very special as they contain a special reservoir system to hold the right quantity of evenly spread whitening gel. We ask you to wear these for 14 nights consecutively – this allows the gel to penetrate the tubular system very effectively and whiten your teeth. You will notice the majority of teeth whitening occur just by using this home use kit, most of our patients have noted a shade change of nearly 8-10 shades just by the home treatment.

In office Laser Whitening (preferred systems Zoom or Enlighten or Pola) – We first isolate all the gum tissues and any sensitive spots with a special rubber shield and then carefully apply a gel to your teeth which is then exposed to xenon lamp based plasma light for about 30 second; the gel is then rinsed off. This procedure is repeated a couple of times and you will see your teeth lighten by about 3-4 shades further within this course of an hour.

To make sure that you experience the least amount of sensitivity, we use specially formulated gels which incorporate desensitising agents to reduce sensitivity.

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Do you need any help in understanding what we could do to help you achieve a super smile? Need more information on anything specific related to implants , whitening, veneers, crowns, etc? Please do get in touch and drop us a line at info@denora.co.uk and our friendly team is standing by to assist you. Please do mention your email/contact number & the location closest to you to be seen so that the right clinic can respond to you and we shall respond immediately.

Over the last three years, I have been with Denora in Worcester under the supervision of Dr Amit Pandey, & it has completely changed my view of Dentists. As a result of the work I have had done under the supervision of Dr Pandey, the health of my teeth & gums has improved dramatically and also the appearance of my teeth (and smile) has been transformed.

Everyone needs a dentist as a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you visit Denora you become a family member not just a patient. The care & consideration given to me through intensive treatment has been fantastic! It is no longer daunting attending the surgery.

My dentist referred me to Dr Amit Pandey at Denora for dental work that required specialist expertise. Amit talked me through an agreed and costed programme, gave me ongoing support and shown real kindness throughout its delivery. I have received such a professional and friendly service by all the staff at Denora that I am now registered with the practice – and, of course, I smile more confidently!!!