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Your first appointment is a get-to-know-you meeting, where you get to meet your dentist who would help you achieve your desired objective after listening to your dental concerns & requirements. It is also an opportunity for you assess and get familiar with our clinic and voice your dental concerns to our helpful staff members. Please do not be apprehensive & always remember that we are here to help you and wish to make your dental journey with us as comfortable for you as we can.

Time of Day

You should schedule the appointment at a time when you feel at your most relaxed. If you’re a morning person and you dread having to wait all day, your best bet may be the first appointment of the day. This also pretty much guarantees that there’s no hanging around the lounge/waiting room for too long.  If you’re a night-owl who feels cranky in the morning, or someone who feels at their best in the late afternoon, the last appointment of the day might be best for you. The disadvantage of this is that you might have to spend some time waiting, as dentists can sometimes run late. The advantage is that the lounge might be emptier (which you may prefer), and that your dentist won’t be under pressure to see the next patient waiting to come in!  If you find the “waiting room” bit really hard, but don’t like early mornings either, a good choice is the first appointment after the lunch break.

Bring a Friend

You may find it very helpful to bring a close friend/ close member of family along to your first appointment, to act as an advocate for you and for social support. Bringing a friend is not a problem (we’ve never had anyone in our clinics say that the dentist minded their partner or friend coming along!). Not everyone likes this idea though – you may not want even your nearest and dearest to see you in a panicked state. Or you may want someone to come along, but only as far as the lounge/waiting room. Go with whatever feels right for you!

Be open about your fears

During your first appointment, you will need to voice your fears and concerns.If you reckon you cannot do this verbally (some people find they’re lost for words or they “freeze”), put it into writing. Write down your fears, or alternatively, what you’d need to know from your dentist in order to be able to let them have a look, undergo treatment, or whatever else. You can then pass on this written information, either on a sheet of paper, or via e-mail. Be aware though that e-mails may get lost or deleted by mistake, so do check beforehand that your dentist has received the information.

The only way your dentist will be able to alleviate your fears is by knowing about them. They’re not mind-readers. You have to do your bit. Be sure to mention even minor concerns – it doesn’t matter if you think they’re “stupid” or “irrational”.

If there’s anything you feel unsure about, or if things for some reason didn’t go according to plan, please don’t hesitate to let us know by an email or ask to speak to the manager or a senior member of staff in charge & we will do our best to help you with your concerns. Or if things went great – please do let us know as it helps us get our services better. Your success story will really help others who are trying to work up the courage to get where you are now!

Wish to Discuss anything, have a chat regarding your treatment or provide feedback?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know by an email , phone call , personal chat with the dentist or manager– that’s what we are here for!

Over the last three years, I have been with Denora in Worcester under the supervision of Dr Amit Pandey, & it has completely changed my view of Dentists. As a result of the work I have had done under the supervision of Dr Pandey, the health of my teeth & gums has improved dramatically and also the appearance of my teeth (and smile) has been transformed.

Everyone needs a dentist as a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you visit Denora you become a family member not just a patient. The care & consideration given to me through intensive treatment has been fantastic! It is no longer daunting attending the surgery.

My dentist referred me to Dr Amit Pandey at Denora for dental work that required specialist expertise. Amit talked me through an agreed and costed programme, gave me ongoing support and shown real kindness throughout its delivery. I have received such a professional and friendly service by all the staff at Denora that I am now registered with the practice – and, of course, I smile more confidently!!!